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Collector’s Dream Drum Head Bundle (Limit 5)

The Bobby Rock Store

Collector’s Dream Drum Head Bundle (Limit 5)

$ 95.00

Stage-played snare drum head, along with 15 other items:

  • Out of Body CD
  • stage-played BR model drumstick
  • rae solo EP cassette, circa '94 (not pictured)
  • 8x10 glam shot (Ken Marcus session)
  • Sabian promo postcard
  • Sistine Chapel drum kit postcard
  • a copy of Bobby’s Monitor mag cover story issue
  • Peavey drums autograph sheet
  • Sonor drums autograph sheet
  • rare solo 8x10 (circa ’86)
  • early Sabian clinic promo piece
  • Peavey Renaissance Man clinic tour tri-fold (circa ’95)
  • ’97 Rock Across America autograph sheet (with Neil Zaza and Bill “The Buddha” Dickens)
  • ’99 Thunder and Lightning autograph sheet (with Neil Zaza)
  • an original promo mailer for Bobby’s Metalmorphosis video/book (circa ’89).

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