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Reader Bundle: Book plus Two More Books

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Reader Bundle: Book plus Two More Books

$ 50.00
Grab the "The Boy," plus two more from Bobby’s back catalog. 
Includes Zentauria: My Season in the Warrior Utopia and Hypothetical Erotica.
***All items come autographed
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Zentauria: My Season in the Warrior Utopia

Imagine: The great artists and scientists of Renaissance-era Italy… the Shaolin monks of 15th century China… the world’s fiercest warriors from four continents… all thrown together on a remote African island. What started out as a heavily bankrolled experiment soon became history’s most secretive and celebrated culture of superbeings, isolated from the rest of the world… until now.

documents American musician/author Bobby Rock’s eleven-week odyssey with the extraordinary warriors, artists, and monks of this mystical island. Explore Rock’s uncensored journals as he penetrates every facet of this futuristic community and details the unparalleled beauty, wisdom, and mastery of these modern-day “Atlanteans.”

As both an unflinchingly personal memoir and a strikingly descriptive travelogue, Rock’s gritty, streetwise, and often humorous narrative reveals the blinding genius of a society whose enlightened spiritual sense flows through every aspect of their daily lives­; from their work, physical training, intellectual pursuits and relationships, to their meditation practices, sexuality, and extreme reverence for planet and animals.

is one enthralling experience after another, which leads a road-weary Rock to the doorway of a higher calling. But will he step through it?

Zen Man Publishing - 340 pages

Hypothetical Erotica

Bobby's long-awaited, conversation-evoking masterpiece! An adult, "board game-in-a-book" which poses thought-provoking dilemmas, this original, hard cover edition measures 7" X 10", is 208 pages, and includes a beautiful, full-color dust jacket and a 70-minute CD.

The book features 25 different "hypos," a detailed Findings section and original art by Christopher Auman, making it an excellent coffee table-style conversation book. The accompanying CD features spoken word renditions of all 25 hypotheticals (performed by Bobby), complete with transitional music and true-to-life ambient sounds "just like you were there!" Hypothetical Erotica is great at parties, get-togethers and gatherings of all kinds and it makes the perfect gift for friends, family members, coworkers or loved ones.


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